Scholarships Update- 2023

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Wed Sep 27 04:30 PM

Picture Day

Picture day is coming to To'Hajiilee Community School on the 10th of October, 2023.

Wed Sep 27 06:30 AM

TCS Job Fair

Onsite Interviews.

Wed Sep 20 01:51 PM

Parent Guidance Mental Health Series

In response to parent concerns about student health and well-being, Mountainair Public Schools is partnering with to deliver presentations developed by licensed therapists.

Wed Sep 20 01:51 PM


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8:00 AM


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8:00 AM

Parent Newsletter

September 15, 2023- Volume 4, Issue 2

September is called, Bini'anit'ą́ą́tsoh, which means "Big Harvest" or "Big Ripening Season." This is the time of the month when harvesting season is near and the climate changes to colder days. Families are preparing for the long cold months. Keep in mind, as the days get colder, make sure your child dresses accordingly to the weather. If your child is sick, contact the school and have your child stay home until he/she feels better.

Tue Oct 03 12:30 PM

August 25, 2023- Volume 4, Issue 1

School is now in full swing and students have been in school for over two weeks. We were excited to see the students return to school. Our first couple of days, the students had the opportunity to learn their daily schedules, bus routes, and classroom rules. Students were able to mingle with their friends and meet their teachers. As the school continues, make sure your child is in class daily and ready to learn. We are looking forward to a prosperous academic school year and excited what the new school year will bring for our students.

Wed Sep 20 12:10 PM

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